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JP Maxees coupler bearing issue.

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Hi folks.

I have a JP Maxees 12” and I’ve discovered during a service that the bearing race on the side of the mower connected to the coupler for the cutter head is feeling rather “lumpy”. Can anyone here offer some information about this bearing. Sizes and availability of a replacement. This is not the cutter head bearing but the bearing in the chassis. Any help would be great. I’m not sur what mark it is I think it’s probably two mowers into one, two different colours of green!!


Dave……. The only JP owner in the Republic of Ireland………. Probably!!


wristpin Wed, 20/03/2024

The chances are that the bearing is a proprietary item and not unique to your machine. In the absence of any specific information from , say a parts list , will be to remove it and inspect it for the bearing manufacturer’s part number. If there is no identification number it will be a case of taking outer, inner and width measurements and then presenting them to a bearing supplier  for identification, either face to face or on-line.  A very good source of information on-line is the Simply Bearings website. A slight complication is deciding whether your machine is built with imperial or metric bearings . This may be obvious,  but a digital vernier gauge reading in both imperial and metric standards may be useful.