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Pull start not engaging - Suffolk Punch 35s

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Hi all,

I’ve recent been given a Suffolk Punch 35s. It all looks fairly good condition however the pull start does not seem to be engaging with the engine for some reason. I’ve added a couple pics but nothing looks broken? Can anyone help with this please?

Also, could anyone point me to any manuals for both the mower and/or engine please?

Many thanks,








rossh82 Sun, 03/03/2024

Managed to sort the pull start - the bits that pop out were just stuck. Freed them up and all good. 

Next issue is that once it starts, setting to full throttle does not increase the revs at all. If I move the butterfly by hand it revs up fine. Any thoughts on this?




rossh82 Sun, 03/03/2024

Resolved this one too - the linkage was in the wrong hole on the butterfly. Mower is running nice.

Last issue is the fuel tank and the cap that just spins - looks like the collar of the tank is spinning with it. Will see if I can pick up one up off eBay.