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Super Punch Chain alignment and model nos

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Hi I have 2 Super Punch 17" which I am trying to get in to a working condition.One has a ribbed rear roller and the cylinder sprocket is held on by a woodruff key and nut, the other has a smooth rear roller and the cylinder sprocket seems to be on a threaded fitting on the cylinder.  I have a snag when trying to align the chains on both machines , the centre sprocket is held on by a nut which fits in a recess cast into the mower side. Suffolk-Super-17in-Punch-RS4078.pdf ( according to this manual the centre sprocket fits onto the nut with a spacer which I have , the problem is the chains dont align and if I try to power the cylinder the chain derails. I ve been mainly working on the black mower , now Ive tried to get the green one up and running and seem to have the same problem. I tried fitting a washer behind the centre sprocket to space it out but it avhieved nothing and the chain and sprocket jammed.   

What is the answer ? Is there another manual I should be consulting ? Or should I admit defeat. I am spending far too much time on these relics.




wristpin Wed, 05/06/2024

I’ve worked on dozens of 17” Super Punches over the years and have never come across the sprocket alignment issues that you mention. Can only assume that at some point someone has incorrectly assembled something or lost a spacer or some such.  When I get a mo I’ll have a look through a “ workshop quality “ parts book which may give a clue.

chirpy999 Thu, 06/06/2024

Great Wristpin, it really is frustrating, that bolt that fits through to hold the sprocket on is a poor design , you need three pairs of hands when trying to tighten and line up the chains. Hopefully we will get there and see if a mower or two will rise through the dead.