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Webb AB1474 throttle/governor linkage help

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Hi All.  Very happy to finally become a member of this fine club.  I have been collecting mowers since I was 13 (first was a Ransomes Ajax) and since have acquired a Suffolk Punch Dual drive Mk7, ATCO 12" DeLuxe and finally a Webb AB1474 mower.  The final addition is causing me issues which is preventing me from enjoying the mower.  I experience a fluctuating throttle response whilst mowing, causing the engine revs to increase and decrease.  I have dismantled and cleaned the carburettor and therefore I don't consider this is the issue.  As you will be able to tell I do not have experience with the Briggs and Stratton + associated carburettor of the WEBB - my comfort zone is the Suffolk engines and Zenith carbs!!

I am therefore seeking help.  I think the governor spring is incorrect (suggestions please on how I can obtain a replacement) but I am also convinced that the set-up is incorrect with where the spring is attached.  The final issue is the contact does not engage and stop the engine when pushed forward on the throttle lever - it requires manual intervention by the carburettor!

I would be grateful for advice and perhaps a picture of a correct set-up so I can compare and work to achieving a solution!

Huge thanks in advance - and I would very much like taking the opportunity on showing you all my mowers in due course!

Oh and I couldn't resist showing you my sweet 12" ATCO!

Best Regards





wristpin Wed, 22/05/2024

Assuming that you’ve done a good job of cleaning the carburettor and that there are no air leaks around the various gaskets , it looks like the governor spring has seen better days but before you replace it just try richening the mixture a bit by turning the adjusting screw in your image a bit at a time anti clockwise and see if it improves matters. Even putting a bit more tension on the existing spring by gently bending its anchor on the bell crank may help.

To identify a new spring, use the Model, Type and Code numbers to identify the part number- 692205, I think , but check it for yourself. Any decent mower shop will be able to assist you and supply the correct spring but otherwise use an on-line supplier such as Brigsbits

JonL Wed, 22/05/2024

Thanks Wristpin.  I was thinking the fluctuation in engine revs might be down to excessive play in the vane by the flywheel affecting the throttle linkage, but I will search up for a replacement spring also.  If anyone has a correctly set-up WEBB AB series with this engine and carb please do post a pic, as there are holes in the vane that aren't used also, so I'm worried the spring isn't actually in the correct location!

Thanks again!