• Forthcoming Minor Mods to Site Menus

    As part of our ongoing site revamp we will be making a few minor changes to the main menu structure at the end of February. First, the "Join" link currently in the main menu will be moved to the "Club" menu. Second, the "Forum" link currently in the main menu will be moved to the "Collect" section. This will help keep the main menu links tidier when viewed on screens of all types. 

  • Welcome to Our New Website

    The first thing you will notice is the new design and layout. We wanted a modern appearance that will work better on different devices.

    The upgrade will also allow us to present content and information in new ways. We are still working on this but we didn't want the site to be offline for too long. Moving the site to this new version has involved a number of time-consuming tasks. This has been complicated because the content management system we use underwent some significant changes between the old version and the one we are now using. In particular, we are having to completely rebuild the way the information on the site is filtered and presented. That takes time and we will be adding these new sections back onto the site over the next few days and weeks.

    In the meantime the blogs and popular forum sections are the first parts of the new site to be active.

    Most of the original content is still on the site and can be accessed by using the search box. Direct links should also be working.