• History of the Lawnmower: Gardens Trust

    Our founder and president Keith Wootton is presenting "Garden Technology: from Scythes to Cyber - 190 years of the Mower" online to the Gardens Trust at 10am on Tuesday 21 March (UK time).

    Old lawnmowers

    The online presentation is part of a series featuring various aspects of garden equipment. It will feature a brief history of the lawnmower from the 1830s to the present day with key milestones for different types and model.

    Anyone can view the presentation - live on the day or for about a week afterwards on replay - subject to a small fee payable to The Gardens Trust.

    Click Here for More Details.

  • Events Past & Future

    It's been a busy few weeks for the club. During September, many of our members attended a series of events around the country. These included the Shuttleworth Vintage Weekend, Bedfordshire Steam Fayre, and Malvern Autumn Show. You can see some photos from these events by clicking on the links or visiting the Display of this site.

    Bedford Steam Fayre 2022

    We have also confirmed dates for some of our regular events during 2023. These include our Annual Rally which as ever is being held at Milton Keynes Museum. Next year marks the Museum's 50th Anniversary and we expect our event will be a big part of their celebrations because it's probably their longest-standing regular event.