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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Difference between a pro restorer and amatuer?

The 1st Ajax i bought was a proffionally restored one to the highest standard. This is what made me want to have a go myself. Well sinse mine is done apart from having tje cylinder ground i need to sell the pro restored one. Problem is there is nothing pro about it. 

Rust sprayed over, oil and grease sprayed over, bottom blade never been removed and is so badly rusted it cant be ground out, no life left in bottom blade for another sharpen, cylinder never sharpened, no rust removal on cylinder, rollers given 1 coat of coloured varnish over rot, and nuts and bolts appear to have just been painted black over the slight rust.

While i dont mind doing another full restoration so i can sell it as a proper restoration, do i market it as seller refurbished? What is a pro lawnmower restorer? Has to be someone who does it for a living. Im a pro trades person, but not in mowers.

how the mower looked on the add, not bad at all untill you get close. Not knowing any different i were happy with what i saw. A tidy non working Ajax.


AUTO CERTES 1 Mon, 02/03/2020

Hi Warpa 

Did you get that Ajax from a bloke in Swindon by any chance? 

Warpa Mon, 02/03/2020

Hi Warpa

Did you get that Ajax from a bloke in Swindon by any chance?

I may well have done. Why do you ask?

Warpa Tue, 03/03/2020

Oh, live and learn then. I would have asked more questions but didnt have a clue about old mowers. I didnt feel i were being stung at the time.

wristpin Tue, 03/03/2020

Unfortunately experience often comes at a price but to a great extent “ buyer beware” and “ if it looks too good............. “ still hold good as ever. Auction sites have not helped. There are those who set out to deceive and those that know no better. 

Definitions appear to be infinitely variable . “Restored” may vary from returned to ex-factory condition to just a coat of paint.  “ Refurbished” - no idea !!

My experience is that there are as many dodgy buyers as dodgy sellers.

Take care out there! 

Warpa Tue, 03/03/2020

Indeed wristpin.

All is cleaned and wetsanded ready for proper painting, still working on the hardest most tedious part, the cylinder. On the bright side it doesnt need paint stripper as it looks like a light dusting of red spray over rust.

The seller lived in a very executive house and i cant see a person like that flipping old mowers, and certainly didnt need to make a few quid on the side.