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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Lock down prodject Idea

I put this mower generator together a few years ago from parts laying around so the cost was almost zero apart from the alternator which cost £10. The pulley and belt are adapted from the drive on the Super Punch and it retains the centrifugal clutch. The fuel tank and cowling are from an earlier Suffolk. The alternator is a Lucas ARC and before you shout out yes it is turning backwards ,but it does work.Also the roller and handle bars are retained so is easy to move around.What can you make with your shed full of bits ?

wristpin Thu, 02/04/2020

Shades of the Tarpen Helistrand flexible drive shaft attachment that was marketed for use with cylinder mowers and cultivators back in the 1950s. When my late business partner and I started our mower business in 1981 we would still get a few machines in for service that still had the Tarpen Power  Take Off bracket fitted.

wristpin Thu, 02/04/2020

I was looking for for a leaflet showing the above mentioned Tarpen flex drive - not found it yet: but came across this Reader's Digest Basic Guide and I'm amazed at how good it is.

The generic push mower bears a remarkable likeness to one that often the subject of questions on this forum and the section on ignitions looks pretty familiar too. 

The whole book would be a good starting point for anyone starting out in the old mower scene. Nothing on eBay but may be worth a search on ISBN 0 276 00076 5

I've photographed these pages as the forum wont accept pdfs from my scanner and my Internet is so slow at present that Dropbox would take an age!


RansomesRob Thu, 02/04/2020

Hi Wristpin. I agree, interesting read. Got myself a copy back in December off Amazon. Just had a look and they have 7 used copies available from different sellers, priced from £3.60 upwards. Cheers. Rob.