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Ransomes Mk 5 Anglia 14" Project

Last year I bought this Anglia that been dismantled by the previous owner and I thought I would loosely assemble the mower. Most of it is common sense but there are a few parts I cannot work work out where it goes or how it fits. I have no parts Manual and very little photographic records to work off. There is no grass box with this sadly. I think most of it is there..... Any help with photographs or manuals would be much appreciated.  A grass box would be ace too!


Also what appropriate green and red paint would you use on this vintage mower which i believes dates from the 1930s? 



Lee Smallwood Sun, 12/04/2020

sorry Andrew I was supposed to get some photos this morning, Easter bunny came so that took my mind off of it, I'll pop round to my other garage now and get some photos, message me if you need close ups of certain areas, mine is a mk 3, but they might be similar In design and fitments. Lee 07930 287567

Lee Smallwood Sun, 12/04/2020

Couldn't get the drive cover off as forgot a screwdriver, but hope these are helpful. If not I'm happy to walk back.


Let me know if you need anything else, I'm sure Clive will come good with parts diagram which will no doubt be the most useful.

Clive1997 Sun, 12/04/2020



Parts list just lists the parts, not showing where they go!! but have found this image of a Mk5 which shows how the square carriage stay assembly is fitted behind the front rolls. Hope that helps.


Triumph66 Sun, 12/04/2020

Thanks Lee and Clive, photos are most helpful. 

I spent a very pleasant morning wire brushing and sanding down the cylinder blades and they are up reasonably well. I also cleared the grease nipples on the blades too. All very satisfying. I am now at the stage where I need to decide to get them sand or grit blasted or just continue toe clean them up as best as I can. 

Triumph66 Mon, 13/04/2020

Today, I fiddled around with piecing the mower together to check out what's what and where bits goes. I got a couple of pieces that I need to work out where they fit such as a couple of springs. The two obvious bits that are missing is the deflector plate and the grass box. 


Mower1 Mon, 13/04/2020

Hello – The link below albeit is for the Ransomes Certes Mk12 should be of help with reference to the two springs that you mentioned.

The two springs as detailed on page 3 (Item 30) being the “Cylinder Adjusting Spring” which are placed as shown on page 3 (item 57)under the “Cylinder Housing”

Adjusting the screw (Item 16) page 3 moves the cutting cylinder towards the bottom blade.

Hope that helps smiley

Triumph66 Tue, 14/04/2020

Thanks Mower1; that's most helpful and that makes sense too now that I got a diagram to work off! 


I wonder if the thrower plate is the same as the Anglia? And if that's the case, could one find one going spare? 



cwj123 Tue, 14/04/2020

The certes is 16" cut and the anglia 14".There is more chance to get an auto certes thrower but will still need to be cut and do not know if curves the same.

Triumph66 Tue, 14/04/2020

Thanks cwj123. I have forgotten the Certe model is 16". I will make time to do a little more fettling this week. I am still undecided about shot blasting the old paint. I need to source appropriate bolts and screws. Can anyone recommend a supplier? Thanks

Edda Tue, 14/04/2020

The Certes also comes in 14 inch, I have two and also the Ransomes Atlas which is similar is also 14 inch. Mine Certes came with no throwplates so I manufactured two from I think 1.5 mm stainless steel.  To get the curve or radius this was done on the brake press.

Triumph66 Thu, 30/04/2020

I thought I would take a break from the ATCO project and resume working on the Anglia. I dismantled the mower again to insert the two springs as per se Mower 1's earlier post. Another satisfying task completed and it has now been again loosely assembled. However, there are a few bits left over from the box that came with the mower..... 

Clearly the black sprockets is for the gears but where it goes precisely I am not certain. The large washer I think I know where that goes. If any one can identify any of these elusive pieces, I would be eternally grateful!


Triumph66 Sat, 05/03/2022

The Anglia is up for sale if anyone's interested? If you are please message me or leave a post below. I am looking for £50 for it and I am down in South Devon. Selling as I am downsizing as we are moving house next year.