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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

From the workshops at The Hall & Duck Trust

The Hall & Duck Trust. Coldwell Improved ExcelsiorMean while down in our workshops,its business as usual.Just finished a full restoration of a 12 inch Coldwell Improved Excelsior.This machine dates to circa 1905 and has the very unusual application of cast handles,this machine is normally found with a wooden T bar handle.Although adverts can be seen with the cast handles,we've never seen them in the States only in Australia,so its nice to know this was found in Scotland 

Please note the colour scheme is correct.

Would be good to see what other members are up to, in these very strange times!

The Archivist

The Hall & Duck Trust

Clive1997 Sat, 03/04/2021

Just noticed this post as I was searching for information on the Coldwell Excelsior & it came up in my search, was aware of one similar to yours in Tasmania, haven't come across any others, although I did see i think a reference to a pair of handles being advertised in June/July last year?

hdtrust Sun, 04/04/2021

Hi Clive

Yes those handles that got away!

The finished product looks quite well with Master Duck's paint brush!

Kind regards


Clive1997 Sun, 04/04/2021

Oh think I get it now, so Mike bought the handles from Scotland, but where was the rest of the mower from?

hdtrust Sun, 04/04/2021

Well just to say we all know your reputation of being quick off the blocks,but just remember you are now dealing with a long established professional organisation,with many fingers in many pies mainly of a Horticultural nature.

The machine also came from Scotland from a whole collection that we purchased many,many years ago,which from memory we had 3,the other 2 had the normal wooden handles,though to be fare they all fall into the rocking horse category