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A couple of questions

A couple of questions

Been navigating the site trying to find as much info as possible on push mowers

My aim is to get my recently acquired Ajax cutting as best as possible in order to get my lawn up to bowling green standard 

In reality the latter I know is a lost cause but if you don't have a goal then you are not going anywhere!

Is there a common source for NOS spares, cylinders, bearings, bottom blades, rollers? A go to place where you can pick and buy?

Is there a list of recommended companies who can sharpen cylinder and bottom blades? Has anyone used this company on EBay and can they recommend?

Ebay Number 303946459040

Did the Ajax ever have as an option a multi blade cylinder, that is a greater number of blades than standard?

I've checked through the forum and can't seem to find a buy and sale area? 

Is there a How To on dismantling the Ajax, including pictures. The rear roller appears to have some form of diff which I'm assuming with the split rollers is to aid turning at the end of the run.
I don't want to end up with a Bag of Bits

Im an engineer of 50 years experience, 30 gained as a Chief Artificer in the Royal Navy. I'm confident I will get it rebuilt but if someone has been there before then I would prefer to tread that path!

What is the correct green and where can it be obtained for reasonable cost?

The grass box has a few dents but pretty good nick still with no rust and the paint mainly intact. I  have oxy-acetylene and will have a go shrinking the metal back to remove the dents. There is the remains of a Ransomes decal, where can these(can they) be obtained?

Finally(and thanks for your patience) what is the general consensus of the Rolls Royce of mowers, especially the small garden push type. My Father swore by his Webb but I was abroad when he passed on and the Webb was sold. The Ransome is well made from a time when British companies had a pride in their products and renown the World over. Perhaps why I'm attracted to it, the build quality, the means to maintain it(oiling points, bearings rather than sleeves) and not of the use and dispose typical of these times 

Thanks in advance


RussT Fri, 14/05/2021


The PM isn't showing up.

Would this be because I've only just joined or because everything needs to be vetted and approved before release?


RussT Fri, 14/05/2021

Yep appears there is a lag between posting and showing up of a couple of hours. 
still no PM

perhaps smoke signals may be better??!