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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

SIF The Eden

We have been given my father's first ever mower he had, a Suffolk Iron Foundry "The Eden" could you please help us with the following. The split metal roller at the back has what we believe are called "Pawls" and interlock into the sprocket on the roller shaft, when the roller turns. They are not always locking correctly, therefore causing the blades to stick and not turn. We would love to get this working to use on our little lawns and to keep this lovely little mower in good condition. Also there doesn't seem to be a old manual available for it. Is there anyone who can advise us on this and general maintenance?

Lee Smallwood Thu, 19/08/2021

Hi Frances, lovely mower, could be debris in the wheel drum pawls stopping the teeth engaging, are they cleaned out, too much grease will often stop them from working properly, also, loosen the pawls off the bar and pull back about 5 or 6 mm, if they're too tight it may cause to snag. Once this is done check contact between bottom blade and cylinder, only slightly too tight will cause them to bind and need a bit of a heave to get spinning.

From the info from the website, the Eden is a pre war machine, and from the sounds of it didn't carry on production afterwards.


Hope you get sorted. 

Frances Batt Sun, 29/08/2021

Thank You Lee, we will have a look and give it a go!! Hopefully get this little beauty going smoothly again.