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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ransomes 'The Leo'

Hi folks.

A neighbour has very kindly just given me a Ransomes Leo and I wonder, if from the photos, someone might be able to give me a date of the manufacture of it please? Is it a 30s, 40s,or 50s model? 12" cut, 6 blades. The missing spring on the left hand side looking from the front is being looked for so hopefully that can be found. Needs a new wooden roller as the woodworms have had a good old munch at it. Would it have had a Grass Box when new? As always, thanks for any information received. Cheers. Rob 

Clive1997 Sun, 04/07/2021

Hello Rob, nice Leo, this may help, comments I posted on an earlier thread, let me know what you find................

It amazing how what we regard as perhaps a common mower can be so interesting when digging deeper and sharing information between us, so there appears to be three models, The Leo, Leo Mk1 & Leo Mk2.

According to the parts list perhaps the easiest way to identify each one (particularly if the badge is missing) would be by checking the side frame number which is LMS 2065 R.H. (2067 L.H.) on the original Leo

LMS 2066 R.H. (2068 L.H.)  on the Mk1 & Mk2

& to distinguish the difference between 1 & 2 the Mk 2 had a 7 knife cutting cylinder rather than 6 knives as on the previous two models.

From catalogue images it would appear the bolted handle may well have been introduced on the Mk2, although not shown on the parts list I have.

Just add the Leo introduced 1930, brochure image for that year shows badge without Mk number & from list I have of introduction dates, just shows Mk1 1930 & Mk2 1938, so what we don't know is the date the badge started to mention Mk1?

RansomesRob Sun, 04/07/2021

Cheers for all the information Clive, much appreciated.

John.Sutherland Wed, 07/07/2021

Hi RR, 

If you do not have any luck finding the other spring and struggle to find a like for like with any of the spare part suppliers found in the restoration section on the club, I may be able to help source modern replacements from my local farm ironmongers.

Some adjustments to the end hooks prior to fitting is required which I can do if need be. I have tried and tested these springs on my Leo and they work well enough.

RansomesRob Thu, 08/07/2021

Hi John. Thanks for your kind offer, much appreciated. Will be in touch if I have no joy finding one. Cheers. Rob

RansomesRob Mon, 09/08/2021

Thought you may like to see some photos of the before and after Wooden Roller /Spindles for my Ransomes Leo. Big thanks to OLMC member Mike Floody for the new Roller. 


John.Sutherland Mon, 23/08/2021

That is a good end result, I got your message and will be back in touch once I have obtained the parts you have requested.

Any thoughts as to whether you will give the Leo plaque more detailing or will you keep it plain?


RansomesRob Mon, 23/08/2021

Hi John. Thanks for your email today. I shall probably be leaving the badge as it is. I just intend to get it operating properly and leave it at that.