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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Seasonal brain teaser

In the tradition of the best publications at this time of year, and probably some rotten ones as well, I have devised a diversion to get readers thinking and fill any spare moments over the next few days.

It's simple really - all you have to do is identify the old lawnmower in each photo. I will post the answers early in the New Year.


Update - Righto, here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for - the answers :

1 - Dulson Lawnmaster

2 - Jerram and Pearson Super

3 - Qualcast Commodore

4 - Ransomes Sims and Jefferies RSJ Centenary

5 - Atco Motor Mower ( Standard )

6 - Ransomes Sims and Jefferies Kikuyu ( it's actually an export model Ripper )

7 - Lloyds Pennsylvania

8 - Arundel Coultard Presto Rollmo

9 - Ransomes Sims and Jefferies Ajax mk. 3 B

10 - Shanks Caledonia

11 - The  Flexa Lawn Mower Co. Ltd.  Flexa

12 - Ransomes Sims and Head  Automaton

13 - Thomas W. Green and Son  Silens Messor

14 - Williams Archimedean

15 - Drummond Brothers  Willing Worker


16 - Pennsylvania Drum Mower



Messorestore Fri, 24/12/2021

Yes, thanks very much Colin. There are some fantastic photos there. Nice touch in black and white as well. 

stonethemows Sat, 25/12/2021

Thank you for your comments.

Converted to black and white to avoid making it too easy ! Sometimes particular colours can give the game away. That said some of you will know that a fair number of my machines don't have much paint on them anyway. All photographed on the premises here recently. I hope all the photo's can only really be one machine, at least that was the intention. Time will tell; someone may pick me up on something.