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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Cylinder Mower identification, please

Good Morning everyone,

My Auntie is renovating an old farm house in Scotland, isle of Whithorn.

She's found a few gems for my collection, cylinder mower and rotavator in the out buildings.

im looking for some identification help on the Mower please, it's a little rusty, but I'm still hoping to have a go at restoring it.

kind regards, James

Clive1997 Sun, 09/01/2022

Hello welcome to the forum, looks like you have another Atco Motor Mower 950/60's 17in cut? (image below), to be honest I would think the only way to restore it would be to sacrifice a similar model that's in much better condition! I have scrapped many similar models probably 10x better condition than this one, there are many around so not sure the time, money & effort would be viable. Must admit the thought of an old mower being discovered at a farmhouse on a Scottish Island would have perhaps been an early Shanks from say 1890's? Keep looking.

Despite the above you have a nice collection of Atco's & a great Tractor.

DJD Sun, 09/01/2022

Good luck with your resto, but a little too far gone for myself, first thoughts are Webb but maybe Atco a good sand blasting at least is required as an essential I reckon.

wristpin Sun, 09/01/2022

To me the clutch lever, the tank bracket and the hex cutting cylinder shaft all say Atco.

Fordson_Atco Tue, 11/01/2022

Thanks for the replies.

I think most of you are right and it maybe a bit far gone. But once I have it back home I will see what's what. It maybe that I could make a garden feature out of it.

I find it hard to let old relics die and go to the scrap yard.