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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Does anyone remember the Flymo Micromow or Minimow machines?

I liked them, I'm thinking about the 12 or 14 inch cut models with a tiny Kawasaki two stroke engine in it, not too noisy but revved quite high, a friend with a business using JCB diggers used to ask for good secondhand engines from scrap machines, he used to convert them into very simple pumps, to draw off diesel, water  etc. from mobile tanks etc.

wristpin Tue, 18/01/2022

Can’t recall the Micromow but the Minimow in various generations and the Microlite E280 were both electric but the Kawasaki KT12 powered petrol machine was the TL .  We sold dozens of TLs to those with small but  long gardens with no power supply , caravan owners and even fishermen who wanted a mown patch to make their spot more comfortable. The KT12 was also used on many different makes and models of nylon line trimmers so there should have been plenty available for your acquaintance’s pump conversions. Unfortunately the TL was withdrawn when the pound sterling was devalued against the Japanese Yen and the machine became too expensive to produce. Unfortunately its replacement was the L400 with the horrid Tecumseh TC300 engine - no favourite of mine !

DJD Wed, 19/01/2022

Kt12, ah yes, Katy as I used to think of them! Thanks for helping me remember. All my friend did was put some sort of a home made paddle on the end of the shaft, the speed of engine and the pressure created was enough he said to force the fluids out a pipe?

andy72n Mon, 21/03/2022

I have a TL with the KT12 engine in weekly use….had to get a new coil last year and a fiddle to start but brilliant cutting around lots of shrubs and small trees at bottom of garden!