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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Greens Monitor

Hi folks. There is currently a Greens Monitor for sale on the Bay of E. It does not have a continuous bar handle and also has adjusting handles in a similar style to those used on JP models. I wondered if anyone might know what year this model of Greens mower was produced please......40s, 50s? Thanks for any replies. Cheers. Rob

RansomesRob Mon, 27/06/2022

Meant to ask.....if anyone has any sales literature etc on the particular Monitor model as for sale on the Bay of E at the moment might you be able to let me have copies please. Happy to pay for them. Cheers. Rob 

RansomesRob Fri, 01/07/2022

Wondering whether to get some new wooden rollers for my Monarch but, the results given when using the mower  I wonder if I should bother plus, I don't really want to spoil the ornate 'C' Clip(s)? by prising them off (any ideas how I could remove them and still be able to reuse would be gratefully received. Further to my request for any sales literature on the Monitor I have now managed to source a couple of items which I am looking forward to receiving. Cheers. Rob

Monitor Lawn

Monitor C Clip

RansomesRob Thu, 21/07/2022

Floating or Fixed?

Hi folks. Would someone be able to tell me whether the Collar on the Land Roller spindle of my Green's Monitor should be fixed or as it is now, free to move from side to side along the spindle slightly? Hoping my photos will help?Thanks as always for any replies.



Monitor Collar 3

Monitor Collar 4

Monitor Collar 5

Will Sun, 14/08/2022

Hi Rob,

just checked an identical machine I have and there is no movement on that collar. 


RansomesRob Mon, 15/08/2022

Cheers Will, much appreciated. I shall need to investigate further!!