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Help needed with an oddity

I’ve had this very unusual Greens Silens Messor for a while, stored in the back corner of one of my workshops. I knew it was unusual when I bought it but didn’t really look any further into it. I’ve just brought it out and I’m very confused. Without seeming big headed I thought I knew most things about Greens SM’s including an unusual 10 blade 16” version. However this SM has me perplexed. I already have the standard SM DeLuxe with a cast chain cover. However the one on this mower is unpainted as it’s finished alloy and of a design I’ve never seen. The scraper plate unlike the standard SM DeLuxe is a normal 12” Silens Messor plate. The pale blue colour I don’t find so unusual as I’ve had about 8 SM’s of varying sizes and type in that colour so feel it may have been an option. The numbering on the handle is the later production two part letter and number. The roller has the rounded edges as the standard DeLuxe indicating late production as well. Any more information or help would be gratefully received. Enjoy the photos. . 

Mowing Wurzel Tue, 02/08/2022

These "late" improved Silens Mesor's with the alloy cover were marketed by Greens as  the "Supreme"   there is some old monochrome adverts on the internet showing them.

Messorestore Tue, 02/08/2022

Fantastic, thank you very much for identifying this mower, advert added well is a huge bonus. You obviously know you’re SM’s, thanks again. 

Messorestore Tue, 02/08/2022

Sorry but just one other question. Why was it marketed as the ‘Supreme’ when all the markings on the machine and the ads state De Luxe. Thanks 

Clive1997 Tue, 02/08/2022

What a fantastic mower, whilst you mention the 10 blade SM, check the de-luxe & it should have 9.

The de-luxe in that style was introduced in 1925, although brochure image shows a plainer alloy gear cover with 'Silens Messor' in full rather than SM, all ad's 1926-1930 appear the same as yours.

in 1929 Greens introduced a Silens Messor Supreme similar arrangement with alloy gear cover, (see image) having 8 blades, but option of 9 or 10 also at that stage chain drive.

The Supreme adopted the sheet side panels in 1930 & the de-luxe shortly afterwards, both becoming gear drive.

De-luxe & Supreme both still being advertised in 1938.

Messorestore Wed, 03/08/2022

Thankyou Clive. That is a very comprehensive explanation and answers my questions. It would be very interesting to know if any member owns a Supreme and has any photos. I would certainly have mower envy then lol. 

olcadmin Wed, 03/08/2022

There used to be one of these Silens Messor De Luxes with the oil-bath chain covers in the display at Milton Keynes Museum but it's not on show at the moment.

As far as I recall, it was one of those that we passed on to other collectors when we thinned out the collection about 20 years ago. So presumabily it's with one of our members somewhere. I will need to check and don't currently have access to the relevant records.

Apart from that I haven't seen that many over the years (either in-person or by photo) but I am sure there will be a few out there with one or two members.

Definitely an interesting example.

Mowing Wurzel Wed, 03/08/2022

Apologises for getting the Supreme Mixed up with this Cast Iron Framed SM  DE-LUX model.

I knew Clive would have all the precise details.

Very good of you to share these photos with everybody!