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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Patience pays off

I’ve had the badge of a Greens Tutor sidewheel mower for quite some time. The badge is in excellent condition as you can see.

I was always told that all I was ever likely to own would be the badge as the mower would be almost impossible to acquire. I could completely understand the logic as you never normally see one come up for sale. It was the first post-WW2 Greens mower along with the Monitor (roller type) in 12” cut and was not a very popular mower with a relatively short production time span.

However I couldn’t believe it when one came up for sale at the AGM auction in Milton Keynes. It came with a box (not photographed as one all steel box is the same as another for most post war Greens side wheels) and badge present.

It may not be the best mower Greens produced but will definitely have a place in my collection as it is a Greens and I’ve waited a long time to find a mower for the badge (oops got two now - badges that is).  Enjoy the photos.


Clive1997 Thu, 04/08/2022

Always worth the wait things do turn up eventually, surprising we don't see a few more Tutors, as you say only appear to have been sold for a short period around 6yrs I think 1946-52. The image below is from the 'Reekie' collection which we now hold, Reekie Engineering having taken over Greens in 1975. Note the grass box shown is wooden sided, although they changed to all metal ones at some stage, also note blank badge, was it unnamed at that stage?

Your experience underlines the importance of attending the annual rally where missing pieces or indeed information are often found. I too had an unexpected find this year when fellow member John Dyer produced a handle for my 1880 USA Easy roller mower, he had found it fitted to a much later side-wheel mower that he acquired. I had always planned to make a copy of one on a slightly later 'New Easy' and never dreamt one would turn up.

If any members reading this have not yet attended the annual rally put it in you diary now, usually 3rd weekend in May.