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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Shuttleworth Vintage Weekend

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Around ten club members got together at Shuttleworth Aerodrome last weekend with a display of mowers, great weekend, lots of action as can be seen on the video here

Perhaps have a go at naming the mowers seen in the video, make & model?

Also a few images below.

Thanks to Roger Wilkinson for organising the weekend.




Mowing Wurzel Tue, 13/09/2022

We visited the Old Warden Hill Rally in 2005 (or 2006?)   I remember it was very memorable, lots of historic vehicles "made in Bedfordshire" was the theme; the Best Vintage / Steam Rally I have ever been to.

I also remember the wonderful mowers and lovely club members. (The Regular gang!)

Looking at this year's photos, the standard of club members mowers is certainly very high in variety and rarity. 

The club stands posters and information boards are so professionally composed and are of the highest calibre!