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Replacement corks for Atco petrol taps

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Can anyone advise where I might get these. My old ones have been destroyed by the new petrol.



wristpin Wed, 18/10/2023

Atco taps - we are left to guess as to the type of tap to which you refer, but assuming  that you are referring to the Ewarts brass taps with the removable plungers , you can buy new taps, new plungers and new corks to renovate your own . One aftermarket supplier does lookalike taps but with O rings rather than corks. Ethanol is not all to blame , the corks have always been prone to drying out and shrinking but the increase in ethanol won’t be helping.

Danfinn Fri, 10/11/2023

I have two Atcos. They both have plastic taps the 12" has a pressed steel tank and pull push plastic tap. The 17" comadore has a plastic tank and a turn on/off plastic tap. They both leak and need repairs. Thanks

wristpin Sat, 11/11/2023

I’m not aware that the plastic taps are serviceable . New ones from an aftermarket supplier are cheap. Purchase E5 fuel and consider using a stabiliser additive such as Briggs and Stratton Fuel Fit.