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Atco green cables

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Just a quickie. I would like to replace the cables  ( throttle,  clutch  etc) on my1968 atco delux 14, but they are green. I can't find green only black on the internet.  Is there a supplier i could use or can i recoat/ disguise black ones? 

When new were how were these cables fixed to the handle frame ? I presume that cable ties were not available in 1968. Is there a clip i should be using?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated



wristpin Sat, 02/12/2023

Haven’t seen any green cables for ages, perhaps someone can advise on a suitable green colouring . Plastic cable ties as we know them now were not around when your machine was new but there were “ stretchy rubber ones “ , also there were soft pliable metal clips similar to those used by electricians.

David Heeley Sun, 03/12/2023

Many thanks Wristpin

Will sort those clips. Managed to find green cables on internet. Bloomin expensive though wow.  Spent so much time on this mower just want everything right. Looking forward to the first cut on a warm spring morning with newly restored atco. 

Thank you again.  I really appreciate your reply.