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Ransomes Ajax Mk3

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Ajax Mk3My Mk3 Ajax is finally coming together. I bought this back in 2019 and have very slowly cleaned it up and repainted. It's been fun to do and it's great to see a functional machine emerging. I'll only be using it on the driest of summer days though! Mk3 Ajax

chirpy999 Sun, 04/02/2024

Powdercoat or rattle cans for the paint?  Very nice job,who did your rollers? wheres the grassbox?

Hedley Sun, 04/02/2024

Rattle cans for the silver paint. Brush on Tractol enamel for the green and hammerite red aerosol for the cylinder. The rollers were from Ebay. I've still the handles and grassbox to clean up and paint. It might be worth getting the grassbox blasted. I'm getting a bit tired of using wire mops on electric hand drills.

chirpy999 Mon, 05/02/2024

Thanks , paint isnt what it was, hammerite especially, I got 3 tins of spray for my Atco for £12 and its gone on very well over a coat of etch primer. Tried Halfords caliper brush on on the cylinder not impressed. Sprayed over it with some crimson but not great. Will see how she mows before deciding if I try repainting it with a better quality brush on paint.

Let us know how your blasting goes , have a few grassboxes that need attention.