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Hello Members,

I am a relatively new member and seeking advice please. I own a wonderful Webb 24 motor mower manufactured in the 1970's. I live in London and the South East at Beckenham. I am looking for contact details for a a lawn mower servicing repair company. The lawn mower needs a service with new belts fitted. If anyone can help please send me contact details that would be very helpful.



Roger Eastoe   

wristpin Mon, 05/02/2024

Hopefully someone can recommend a business near to you  that would take on a 50  year old cylinder mower,  Belts may be the obvious issue  but I think that it would be wise to get a business with experience of machines of that type and age to report / estimate on the the condition . 
The only business that comes to mind is The Old Lawnmower Company , but they are near Aylesbury . They have an excellent reputation. 

RansomesRob Tue, 06/02/2024

Hi Roger. I have been using the Old Lawnmower Company to service/repair/sharpen my small collection of old push mowers for approx  5 years and am more than happy to recommend them. John Gregory has worked on my Webbs, JP's, Green's, Ransomes and ATCO mowers. I have always been more than pleased with the results and advice given. I live in Shropshire so it's a 4 hour round trip to John ,BUT, in my opinion we'll worth it.