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Ransomes Markquis Mk4a Villiers F12

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Hi all , thankyou for letting me join the club. Im hoping for some help.

I have a marquis mk4a I am currently in the process of restoring.

I have replaced the points and condensor for a meco electronic ignition unit to avoid cleaning and future problems. 

Ive managed to install everything my only question now is what spark plug do i use. It had a champion n.8 installed but am i correct in thinking i need a different spark plug for use with the meco unit? 


Also my last question is how many washers should there be on the front roll spindle. My roller configuration is 2 small end rollers and 2 larger cebtre rollers. The manual states 4 with none in between the centre two rollers. Is this correct as I seem to have 5 here after removing old rollers.


Thankyou in advance, 



wristpin Thu, 08/02/2024

I think that the  Champion N8 is no longer available but the NGK B5ES or B6ES suit the Villiers F12  Sloper engine. The NGK plugs usually come gapped to 30 thou but you may find that the engine runs better with  25 thou gap .

Roller washers. I’d put one at each end and one between every roller. If you have the original roller shaft you should find two cross  drillings  in the shaft corresponding to the two short rollers for the high cut configuration . Sometimes those cross drillings are so packed with rust and debris as to be near invisible, and need to be drilled out.

Nathan-B2000 Wed, 14/02/2024

Thankyou so much for your help. I will try a B6ES. I will have to keep you updated on my restoration. I would be really interested in dating the mower if anyone can help with that, Cheers Nathan.

wristpin Wed, 14/02/2024

Have a word with the Hall and Duck Trust. I believe that they have all the Ransomes production records.