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Qualcast Panther

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Hi folks. Considering getting a Qualcast Panther and am torn between a Super Panther or the Superlite Panther. Any thoughts please? Cheers. Rob

RansomesRob Tue, 31/01/2023

Hiya Clive. Saw your mower earlier when searching on Panther. WOW! Looks great. Cheers. Rob

stonethemows Wed, 01/02/2023

In terms of performance there is likely to be little difference between them, assuming  both maintained to the same degree. As is often the case, the choice probably depends on what you want to do with it, as well as the nature of the job. Will it be a machine to add to the collection and admire or is it going to do work. If you are  thinking of ongoing practical use the earlier Super Panther could prove more durable.


RansomesRob Wed, 01/02/2023

Hi Colin. Thanks for your thoughts. If I were to get a Panther it would be used regularly so, as well as your comments, as I prefer the handle design on the Super Panther that's what I will go for. Cheers. Rob

Clive1997 Wed, 01/02/2023

Yes agree Colin, uncovered our1960's Super Panther today, still boxed, but missing handles.

My preference would be to go earlier with a 1930's/ 40's Panther, better stripes with the heavier machine?

RansomesRob Mon, 27/02/2023

Nut required please. Hi folks. Might anyone be able to help me obtain the Nut shown as being A1 on the attached diagram please. It is to hold the handle height adjuster leg to the mower body. Nothing I have fits. I am more than happy to pay for the nut,plus the p & p etc. Thanks as always for any replies. Cheers. Rob

Super Panther Handle Nut

stonethemows Tue, 28/02/2023


I have a couple of these in my ' also rans ' collection but have discovered that the nut you identify is a different size on either one. The approx. measurements are : 7/10" x 3/10" and 9/16" x 5/16". The thread is the same either way. I seem to have a number of spare nuts that would fit correctly ( without dismantling the machine ) if you let me know which of these matches yours I can get one in the post.

Cheers, Colin

RansomesRob Thu, 14/12/2023

Got one!!.........Hi folks. Managed to get myself a Qualcast Super Panther recently. It was for sale at an auction house up in Blyth, Northumberland and I was lucky enough to win the bidding. It arrived this morning so I thought you may like to see a few photos? It came with it's original box, spanner, spares list diagram and guarantee card with 10th May 1965 written on it. Will get around to giving it a good clean, oiling etc and when the weather allows, will try it out. I got an original sales brochure for it off the Bay of E, so well pleased with that. I shall be on the lookout for any other sales literature/adverts to go with it now.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2024 and a big thanks for all your help/advice during the year. As always it was very much appreciated. Cheers. Rob


Clive1997 Thu, 14/12/2023

Hi Rob, that's a great find, in accordance with best practice,  don't paint it, keep it original :) 😀 

RansomesRob Thu, 28/12/2023

Brochures/Sales ads for my Super Panther are on my wish list. If anyone might be able to help me out I would very very grateful. Happy to pay for any items. Cheers. Rob

Clive1997 Fri, 29/12/2023

Hi Rob


Just sorted some ads for you, didn't quite manage the 10th of May 1965 but got one for the 7th & its a Co-op ad, also another for April with an image. Appears most ads for that period were focusing on the Panther Electric, will email them to you.

Cheers for now.


RansomesRob Sun, 25/02/2024

Started to give my Super Panther a clean up and thought you might like to see some photos. Washing up liquid and elbow grease on the mower body. The wooden rollers are ready for some linseed oil. Wondering whether to paint the rear roller or leave it as it is?.....any thoughts please? Cheers. Rob

Super Panther


Super Panther


Super Panther

wristpin Sun, 25/02/2024

If the front rollers have gone a bit soft, I treat them with a wood hardener . If that leaves them a bit to glossy , then take the gloss off with fine wire wool after the hardener has thoroughly dried.

Rear roller. If it’s going to sit on a shelf unused , a light spray of Matt clear lacquer may do. If it’s going to get occasional use , I’d let it weather naturally but wipe it over with an oily rag after use. 

RansomesRob Mon, 26/02/2024

My thinking of painting the rear roller is just to prevent rust forming? Perhaps a coating of Owatrol would be a better idea or just a regular rub down with an oily rag? Most of the rear roller won't be seen anyway when the mower is re-assembled but I don't want it to start getting rusted. Cheers. Rob

RansomesRob Mon, 26/02/2024

Hi Angus. Looks like I added  another post before I saw your reply. Never would have even thought about the rollers maybe benefitting from applying some wood hardener, thank you,  Thanks also for your advice on how best to deal with the rear roller. As I do like to use my old push mowers, the oily rag after a good clean sounds like the best idea. Again, many thanks for your replies.

RansomesRob Sat, 02/03/2024

Done and definitely dusted!!  Nothing more than a good clean needed as it was in such good condition when I got it. Cheers. Rob.