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Atco HY Carb

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I have a lovely HY 12" Atco.  In several photos  the carb appears to be attached to the cylinder barrel on the left of the

exhaust and some on the right of the exhaust. Is it a different Villiers engine ?

Just to add to the puzzle some photos show the chain drive direct to the cutter blades and some the rear roller.

Any answers would be much appreciated.                 Julian


Mowing Wurzel Wed, 27/03/2024

Villiers built their two stroke engines with all different port configurations,  some ports on opposite sides and some with exh. & inl. ports on opposite sides.  I'm sure an Atco expert will advise on correct spec.

It is always very annoying when the wrong engine is fitted to a machine and the seller has assured you when purchasing it that it has the correct engine....when it in fact doesn't!!!!!

wristpin Thu, 28/03/2024

Question from someone who doesn’t know !   Could it be right for that year of production?

I can’t get to my HY at present but I have no idea whether as it is now , is as it left the factory.