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atco hy carb

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Just to illustrate my point about HY carb location, I attach two photos. One from the club showing an HY.

Another from the catalogue of H J Pugh & Co., Auctioneers showing the carb on the opposite side of the exhaust.   !!!!



Adrian Sun, 31/03/2024

I suspect that a lot of the Villiers 147cc engines were interchangeable - as they were built to go onto all manner of machines, that seems a fair assumption. Now, which one was the original engine fitted.... that's your big question! Were they all fitted with the same one, or did Villiers update their range partway through HY production, meaning that Atco had no choice but to fit a different engine? I note that the upper photo shows what looks like a Villiers carb, whereas the bottom one shows what looks more like an Atco carb.