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Ransomes Marquis clutch adjustment

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Having finished putting the mower back together after stripping down to repaint etc, the drive clutch isn’t releasing when pulling the clutch lever clutch lever so put a ball bearing before the flanged rod which meant the clutch disengaged but now when the lever is released the clutch won’t compress enough to get the roller moving. My question is is there a way of adjusting this so that the clutch engages without needing to put anything else in it… the drive was working before and everything that came out of it is back in (as far as I can tell at least having looked at the exploded diagram)


wristpin Tue, 02/04/2024

If it was working ok before you stripped it down, it’s a pointer that something is reassembled incorrectly. The most likely candidate is item 22 “securing nut - clutch”  The part with the two holes for the tightening tool. Check that you have it with the raised centre outwards.  You are correct in having the ball between the plain inner push rod and the outer flanged rod that pushes against the outer pressure plate. If that nut is reversed - with the raised centre inwards it will prevent the clutch from clamping together and engaging drive.