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Dennis Swift

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I thought it about time I shared The Dennis Swift with you, all the information I know I found here at OLC under "Dennis Swift", I gather its somewhat rare, I can't find anything on the Web about it (except here) no pics or anything, I did find a pic of its bigger brother the Swallow tho'

When I acquired her she was quite a state, bitumen paint on her deck, non running engine, bearings seized, cowlings missing, blade bent like a pretzel and rotten belts.

I brought her back to life and put her back in working order, in some places using artistic licence and erring on the side of safety concerning the front brush bar as the blade comes right up to the front edge of the deck.

She runs well and does a reasonable job for her age, I like to use her every now and then but I nurse her along as I don't want to hurt her.

Her unique party trick is the engine can be removed to power stationary machinery or pumps, just remove the belt cover, un couple the belts and unclipped the springs then the engine lifts off! I don't know of any other mower where you remove the engine opposed to adding another attachment. 

As she was, barn find fresh.



wristpin Sat, 20/04/2024

A nice original looking machine. Your safety bar is a wise precaution and has an original look similar to the Agricultural Safety compliant guards that were mandatory in the day and were seen on Hayter Ospreys etc. The only other engine transportable system that comes to mind is that which was offered by Solo in the 1980s.

Clive1997 Sat, 20/04/2024

Yes agree a good looking original machine, don't forget the late 1950s/1960s Webb 16" Multi-Purpose Motor Mower also with detachable engine with transporter & able to operate a dozen different appliances.

Herby Wed, 24/04/2024

Thanks guys, it's interesting to see other machines brought to mind from this, it looks like the Webb had a Villiers engine too!