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Atco model

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Good afternoon

Just saved this atco from the scrap yard . Got it home bit of a clean up and it’s a runner . Needs carb doing I think so I’m asking for info on model so I can source a workshop book . It’s a 12” cut if that’s any help . Having come across any numbers yet but will be stripping panels of the next few nights to have a look 

Regards Alistair 


Weldspec Tue, 25/09/2018

Weldspec Wed, 09/09/2020

Good afternoon 

I'm searching for a grassbox and front roller assy for my atco villiers midget . It's a 14" 1956 . See pic 

villiers98 Fri, 25/09/2020

The grass box was a small steel one that hung on  the 2 stubs visible in the photo. I have several of these mowers but only ever 1 grass box so good luck with your search, The larger alloy box that hung on the front engine mounting bar  ( for want of a better description ) will fit , but probably just as rare.


The original front spindle had Whitworth nuts and 2 x 7 inch rollers with a brass tube pressed into them . You may be able to make ones from a 70s Atco fit . I fitted a microset one off a Suffolk Punch which is more useful if you use the mower  regularly


Im surprised how reliable these are after 65 years, and how well they cut