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Webb 18" bottom blade

Hi all i am trying to get hold of a Webb 18" bottom blade 

or a part number. I think the model is 520 / 523

the blade has 8 countersunk holes

i would think the mower is late 60s

wristpin Wed, 12/10/2016

An image of the whole machine and one of the blade will help. Plus is the front edge lipped , straight or chamfered ? An image removes a lot of the guess work.

If it had a Briggs and Stratton engine and it is the original engine the first two digits under the word code will be the year the engine was made followed by the day and month.

I was thinking that you may have an 18" Standard or De Luxe but those 500 numbers don't match.


steveteigh Wed, 12/10/2016

Yes I presume the blade was straight there is no sign of any chamfer the engine is a Briggs 

and I was told by someone it's an 18" standard if anyone has a parts diagram for the cylinder and blade Assy. Would be appreciated

wristpin Thu, 13/10/2016

So as it has a Briggs there will be  Model, Type and Code numbers stamped into the blower housing - help us to help you with a date!

If its a Standard it will have a single A36 drive belt. If there are two belts it is a De Luxe.

The bottom blade for the Standard(F016W29680) is shown with pan head screws not countersunk so either you've not got a Standard or it has a non standard (pattern) bottom blade fitted.

I've got illustrated parts lists for both but before I take time to scan them etc please lets have a date code and a couple of images to show that we are on the right track.

suzanne shaw Thu, 13/10/2016

Just remembered. I think the model numbers are actually 250 or 253. Good luck.


steveteigh Fri, 14/10/2016

Thank you for your info and diagrams they are spot on the model

really greatfull all I have to do now is find one should be interesting

wristpin Fri, 14/10/2016

As you say, finding one could be tricky but Garfitts supply bed knives / bottom blades for a lot of older machines but I cant find it listed in their on line catalogue, however they keep patterns for many obsolete blades and will make one to suit. Does seem odd that the parts book shows pan head screws but not only does yours have countersunk ones but so does mine! Second one down in the attached image.