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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Looking for best riding lawn mower suggestions

I hope I could get some suggestions from you guys of the best riding lawn mower. We have a garden with grassland that needs to be mowed. The rainy season has now arrived and the grass grows very quickly. The land is rather  large with almost 3 hectare, which takes a lot of time and effort to mow. So I think we'd better to use a riding mower. What mowers have you used or any good suggestions are welcome. Thanks

Clive1997 Tue, 22/05/2018

Welcome to the forum, 'Rainy Season' assume you are not in the UK, a location would perhaps help & no doubt locals from that area could give suitable advice.

Clive1997 Tue, 22/05/2018

Did cross my mind, no doubt Admin will delete if appropriate or un-appropriate as it may be.  

gtc Wed, 23/05/2018

That's the third 'spammy' post I have noticed on here in the last week or so.

Spammers are usually attracted to sites that have significant activity as reported in various Internet statistical reports, so I guess it's testament to the site being fairly active of late.

Many forums have a Report Post feature for flagging spam and other unacceptable posts to Admin. I guess this place isn't yet busy enough to mandate that, but Admin might like to consider it.

olcadmin Thu, 24/05/2018

Well, it could be either. The user passed our fairly simple "gatekeeper" questions when registering and the post is not actively promoting a specific thing (I agree, it could be argued the link is such), but the question being posed is legit if a little odd for a forum about "old" mowers.

I'll try to kep a watching brief.