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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ajax 1 & 2

In conversation with a fellow member I was asked the differences between Mk1 & Mk 2 Ajax's, 1933 to 1946, not exactly sure when the change from Mk1 to 2 was but I believe possibly 1936.

On quick inspection they look very similar, however a closer look reveals the following differences Mk 1 first & Mk 2 in brackets.

Smooth rear roller                                                   (Ribbed)     

Front single wooden roller with screw in shafts       (4 separate wooden rollers sliding on shaft)

Cutting cylinder 3 supporting webs/spiders             (4)

Wooden Handles threaded direct to flange             (Flange & fixing modified)

Holes for oiling                                                         (Nipples)

Cylinder adj single bolt                                             (Lock nut added)

The Mark 3 of course introduced  the alloy sides & during production the move from straight to cross-over handles.

I will leave another to compare the 3 with 4 & 5 as none in stock at present to compare.


Lee Smallwood Mon, 04/11/2019

Also the scraper plate had the relevant details depicting mk under and beside the AJAX name

hopefully my picture Will illustrate the above Clive mentions. I haven't a mk 2 to photograph.