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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

It all started with an Atco

It all started with an Atco, many decades ago, as a child, I was always tinkering. After one prolonged absence in my grandfather's garage he came in to find I'd dismantled every spare bakelite plug and socket he owned including removing every brass screw out of every terminal.

Shortly afterwards he gave me two old Atcos, a Single wheeled Autoscythe and a 1930s kick start Atco. I can still remember the anticipation waiting for them to make their journey from Nottinghamshire to Bedfordshire.

The rest is history 

We would love to hear your Atco stories. Original tool bag and instructions for the Atcoscythe. An original advert for the Atcoscythe


oldiron Sat, 15/05/2021

It all started with an Atco for me but in more recent times, as i explained on my exhibit post i will expand a little here. Going to a vintage machinery sale back in 05/06 there was nothing at the sale that grabbed me. Then i noticed this really rather ornate looking lawnmower, all rusty, torpedo shaped fuel tank and big open cooling fans and chains, thinking that looks dangerous and inviting all at once lol. So more walking around and a bacon roll and conversation with my dad telling him that " i cant get that mower out my head" to which he just said "buy it then". 

On asking the vendor what he wanted for it fearing he would say hundreds( dont forget at this point i have zero knowledge) he scratched his head, sighed, then said  "would 20 quid be ok". I didnt even argue, just paid up then took her home. Expecting my first Daughter and dropping to 1 wage determined my new hobby and from then i was hooked.

So there it is, the humble Atco Standard was my admission ticket into collecting old lawnmowers.

oldiron Sat, 15/05/2021

My post has dissapeared???? Which was really rather good i thought so heres a shortened re post, my first was an Atco Standard, bought for £20 and thats what hooked me in.

Andrew Grout Sat, 15/05/2021

Nothing short of what I'd expect a great restoration, would love to see what turned up at the rally this year