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Ransom Marquis Mk5

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Hello, Could someone tell what this carb. is please? It is on a Ransome Marquis Mk5. The engine is a Villers Sloper . I cannot seem to find any info on this Mk 5 at all. Can you poin me in the right direction please? Cheers, Colin.


wristpin Tue, 02/07/2024

Presume you have attached an image but not seeing it ?
Also, although “ Sloper”  is a commonly used name , F12, A15,A17 and Super Sloper are all commonly used names . The ID numbers and letters engraved into the engine mounting pad , usually on the inlet and exhaust side below the valve chest cover, will help with identification. The “Sloper “ family have used Amal, Villiers B10 and Delorto carburettors. At one time or another.