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Duff Condensor

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Spark kept dying after about 5 minutes running so duff condensor or the coil, checked the resistance against another coil and both about the same, this is a encapsulated coil and condensor so not wanting to take a chance on the auction site with secondhand ones and not prepared to pay for another coil i went to my local motor factors and got i think an early Ford cap.

Opened out the hole in backplate so the wire would fit with ht lead and put some shrink tubing over it to minimise chafing and seems to be ok, managed to cut the grass at least, i had to extend the wire on the cap and this was soldered to the points, so if your tight old sod like me it might be worth a go.

I was looking for an early mini or Jag condensor which may have fitted the plate the points are fitted to but really needed the grass cut so may replace in the Winter with a smaller one with lug.


chirpy999 Mon, 17/06/2024

Good improvisation, Ebay sellers are chancers a lot of the time. Your Cylinder looks in good order, Kudos !

jarrett Tue, 18/06/2024

Cylinder and cutting bar just reground, £30 cash for the 2 which was cheaper than someone who wanted £80!

chirpy999 Tue, 18/06/2024

Good on you, the price of things is crazy, £23 for  a tin of Atco green paint, the mowers a £30 mower on a good day!