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Aspera carburettor governed wire links

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I’m bit disappointed that no one has responded to my request for information on the carburettor/ governor linkages on Atco rotary with aspera engine,I’m desperate to move forward but can’t fathom out what links to where . I’m hoping some more photos may help


chirpy999 Sun, 30/06/2024

I havent any experience of that mower but can see two rods that need connecting up to the spring loaded  pieces on top of the carb. It shouldnt be difficult to fit em and try to start the engine.

wristpin Sun, 30/06/2024

A wider angle shot showing the whole carb set up on the mower will make it easier to avoid disappointment and given give relevant information.

chirpy999 Mon, 01/07/2024

Why do manufaturers drill so many holes in these items? On the left try the largest hole, onthe rightit could be either.You can see the springs on both pieces.