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1920's RS&J 24 inch

Looking for some information as I start a refurb of this 1920's (I think) RS&J mower with a Blackburn engine. Serial number is ​​​​​​C768. Are there any documents, manuals or information on age avaliable for this mower or engine. Engine turns freely and also has a grass box. Thanks in advance.

Clive1997 Sun, 15/11/2020


A very nice example you have, as to dating, according to some notes I have it could well be a Mk3 which were fist sold in Aug 1924 No.C 301 with the last one sold in 1927 No. C 784, so could assume yours is perhaps 1927.

I do have catalogue entries from 1925 to 1927 & will scan later for you.

Manuals are a bit harder to come by, I do have some for the Blackburn models & will check on this.

A grass box is a bonus with a mower of this age.

hdtrust Sun, 15/11/2020


What a nice original find,ideal for restoration

NB.This will be the second time tonight I have to correct incorrect information on lawn mowers,this cannot be helpful to fellow enthusiasts and collectors,Sometimes it pays to listen!

Now we own the kardex dating system for Ransome mowers.

Your Machine Ransomes No C768 was made in March 1928.It is a MK3.And a 24 inch

MK3's started production in May 1925 and ended production in May 1928, all parts for this range of machine became obsolete by 25th September 1947.

Your engine is a 350 cc Blackburne type DFL,DGL

You will find with this type of machine there was an extra counter balance weight that could be purchased which bolted across where the grass box was afixed.This could be easily reproduced if you do not have the grass box.

Kind regards


The Hall & Duck Trust