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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

1951 lawnmower made by Indian Motorcycles

Clive1997 Thu, 31/10/2019


Not sure of your reasons for posting this image especially with no accompanying explanation ?

Sharing images without research is helping the world wide web to corrupt history as i have found with the 'fake' images of Edwin Budding (Inventor of the Lawn Mower in 1830) which have been used & shared by many in ignorance including Ransomes.!!!! & more recently the Gloucester Citizen.

This mower pictured is apparently NOT made by Indian, but by a motorcycle enthusiast in 2016 & scratch built from bits of scrap metal.

I hope not too many OLD Lawn Mower enthusiasts have been mislead by this post, and a lesson learnt by all regarding the way in which the Web is corrupting history etc by the constant sharing and publishing of incorrect facts.



stonethemows Thu, 31/10/2019

Thank you for clarifying this Clive, I had my suspicions about it but hadn't got round to checking it out. It looked just a little too contrived with the bonnet mascot and rear light !

As stated in another recent post research is everything.

Warpa Thu, 31/10/2019

That is nieve of me as I normally check the source of everything I read on the internet. A quick search just showed me it's not an old mower and not built by Indian Motorcycles.

Admin feel free to delete as appropriate.