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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Advice and guidance please.... Novice who has inherited old mowers

Hi all,

I'm hoping I've come to the right place!  My father passed away last summer and my Mother and I am slowing making my way through many collections of things.... Old tools, and Mowers and now come to the top of the list.

While cleaning out a shed, I've found a Greens Zephyr orange coloured mower.  It looks it good order, but as it's quite a monster I've not tried ot start it.  I've got no mechanical knowledge and so really want to hand this over to someone who will lovingly restore it.  I stumbled onto your site, while trying to find out about the mower.  I can't see any on Google which are orange...  Is this a more unusual spec?  I'm not really sure where to start, when it comes to finding someone to look at antique mowers, any pointers would be very gratefully received.



wristpin Tue, 01/03/2016


All of the Zephyrs that Ive seen have been orange but that said I probably only saw five or six in total in thirty plus years running a mower business. As you say, its quite a large weighty machine  and suitable for a fair sized garden although with its ten bladed cutting cylinder it was primarily aimed at bowling greens, grass courts and putting greens etc. Im guessing that it has a Villiers engine and possibly dates from the 1960s.

You can join the Old Mower Club and advertise it both on the web site and the club magazine - Grassbox - or of course there are auction sites.

sallypoo Tue, 01/03/2016

Wow that was quick - thank you wristpin.  I just couldn't see any when I did a quick search.  My mum does have a very large garden, but isn't fit enough now to use a mower so she has a ride-on.  Do you think the Zephyr would be something that someone might be interested in?  May I ask how much it is to join the Club - I am pretty sure there will be other mowers tucked away in corners I am yet to explore....  I found a beautiful little grass box with wooden sides and nailed metal trim, which mum insists the mower is still around for....  it must be a tiny mower in comparison to the Zephyr.

Mowing Wurzel Tue, 01/03/2016

You're mentioning a small wooden sided grass-box will no doubt have OLC members very excited!

P.S. I think Orange Greens Zephyr's were nearer in date to around  the late 70's - 1980+  ish, nevertheless; well built and  quality.

wristpin Tue, 01/03/2016

Was about to make a similar comment re the wooden sided grass box but ic could be a relatively common one such as a 1950s Ransomes Minor or similar.

re the dating of the Zephyr I would suggest definitely earlier than the 80s as the ones that passed through our workshop at that time had been around for a good while. Also, when did Villiers stop making the MK 10 / 12s that were fitted to all the ones that we saw ?

sallypoo Tue, 01/03/2016

mum says the wooden grass box was from a "willing worker".  Mum thinks its cast iron and a 12" cylinder.  Zephyr was purchased in the '70s or possibly earlier....  Will be able to get photos tomorrow - hopefully of both.

hortimech Tue, 01/03/2016

The company I was working for in the  70s - early 80s was a greens dealer and they were still available when I left. As for when did they stop making the C12, they haven't, they are still available from India ;-)

sallypoo Thu, 10/03/2016

So, progress has been made.  The Greens is nicely tucked up in a shed.  I've located all of the Willing Worker and have found bits of another mower too.  I have a handle in one place and the cylinder in another.... not sure what that is, but it looks pretty old too....  All for sale on the classifieds here as I've now joined :-)