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ajax grease gun


Can somebody post a few pictures of the grease/oil gun that came with the Ajax's ( models 3, 4 or 5 ). I would like to try and track one down as I am having difficulty lubricating the rear roll through the holes as the nozzles on the two I have won't fit.



wristpin Mon, 25/07/2016

Point of order!m

Ransomes recommend lubricating with 30 or 50 grade oil  - so its an oil gun! . The most usual one is made by Tecalamit. Best source is boot fairs and autojumbles.

Grease tends to dry out and block the passageways leading to seized rollers.



Edda Mon, 25/07/2016

I use a Abnox Wanner 31960 on my Certes it works a treat with Castrol EP90 oil on the bearings.

wristpin Mon, 25/07/2016

That's the Rolls Royce of oil guns. Coincidentally another forum contributor and I have recently been corresponding about Wanner grease guns. I've had my original one since the 1960s . I cant remember what I paid for it then but I see they are now around £70, but I recently picked up two at a jumble for less than £10 each..

wristpin Wed, 27/07/2016

Not a lot of people know that they don't like grease and for the same reasons as Ransomes rear rollers - they seize up . Back in the day it was for my Mum's Herald that  I acquired my first Wanner - in the 1960s.

Mower1 Thu, 27/10/2016

One of my Ajax mowers came with what I thought was a grease gun but was in fact filled with oil.Having just looked at the Ajax operators manual it makes reference to an “oil gun” and “oil gun nipples”.