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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ajax restoration piccies

Thought i'd post a few pictures of the MK3 Ajax I finished last year and this years Zephyr Deluxe.

gtc Wed, 10/05/2017

Another very nice job.

I must say that the lack of engine and associated running gear to deal with is a motivator to go after a push mower resto myself. Faster turnaround, cleaner and fewer issues.

sawfingers Thu, 11/05/2017

I've had to pass on so many old engine mowers as I just don't have the space to work on them or store them or even a decent sized lawn to use them on. And as you say they certainly aren't as complicated, messy or as temperamental as the old petrol mowers. And being able to pick them and carry them is also a bonus.

Mower1 Wed, 24/05/2017

Superb restoration. I’m very much into push mowers and have a small collection, 2 of which are Ransomes Ajax Mk3 & Mk5. Once setup they both produce a very fine cut.  People shouldn't really dismiss push mowers as they also provide great form of exercise as well.