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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

All three

I thought I would offer up photos of all three variants manufactured by Presto. A side wheel, push roller and petrol roller mowers. First is an 8 inch Presto side wheel then a 12inch Presto Rollmo and finally the Arundel Coulthard. Please note the very unusual fix point for the handles on the Rollmo. They are very far forward just immediately behind the cutting cylinder.

Clive1997 Mon, 26/04/2021

Never seen all 3 models together before, that's great, an often overlooked manufacturer, keep a look out for some other variations, the push roller mower had 4 different models, each with different gearing & variations in number of blades, plus of course all had several different cutting widths.

There were also 3 versions of the side-wheel, yours above, plus the De-Luxe & Grasmo both of which had spoked wheels similar to the Shanks Hawk.

Will let you know if I come across any.

Messorestore Mon, 26/04/2021

I like the Rollmo motor mower. An interesting and simple conversion on a BSA engine. Luckily the Rollmo itself is not a heavy machine so was ripe for conversion, a bit like some of the Greens machines. Thanks for the photo.

Clive1997 Mon, 26/04/2021

Sorry forgot about the Presto-Rollmo Minor Motor Mower with the BSA engine, this was actually sold as is by Arundel Coulthard in the 1960's, rather than being an after market conversion, I did acquire one last year, but it preferred the Norfolk air and was diverted to a new home there, thanks for the reminder John!

The 'Turfmo' was a modification to the 'Grasmo'  whereby by you could opt to have 10in diameter wheels, the Grasmo's being 9in.

Also note there was a 'Lornmo' solid wheels but of 8in rather than the original version that had 7in wheels, they were sold at the same time.

The side-wheels above were around in the 1930's but I note that the Lornmo was still being advertised in 1964 alongside the Rollmo BSA motor mower, together with a New Presto side-wheel!!!!

Looks like we need to expand the Presto/Arundel Coulthard section under 'List of manufacturers', we have some photo's & I will gather together some catalogue images and specifications.


Clive1997 Thu, 29/04/2021

Found my Presto De-Luxe, the ironmonger that supplied it 80-90 years ago was located only 10 mins away, so a nice bit of local history to accompany it.