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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Almost a mower

Forgive me for bringing up a subject which is very, very closely related to lawnmowers, and is the kind of thing lawnmower people know about.... but I'm interested in tracking down a powered wheelbarrow. Having almost done myself an injury barrowing compost to the top of the garden slope, I reckon I should try to mechanise things. I've seen these power barrows around, two wheels and a four stroke engine. If anyone has one for renovation, please let me know. I'm in the east midlands. Atcough (07544 310313) 

wristpin Wed, 14/09/2016

The dog's doodah is the tracked Honda power barrow - at a price.  When  I was in business we would get asked for wheeled powered barrows but as soon as we stocked one the interest would disappear!

The last one that we stocked came from Charterhouse machinery but I'm not sure whether or not they still do them.

A while ago , on another forum , there was a post from a contributor who had bought a rough old ride-on  and converted it to a dumper to do the sort of job that you describe.


I vaguely remember seeing an advertisement for a battery electric power barrow and with the recent developments in lithium ion batteries  it would not surprise mr to see that technology applied to a light duty barrow. 


Mowing Wurzel Wed, 14/09/2016

My advise is WHAT NOT TO BUY!

When it comes to Track Barrows don't buy anything in  "yellow and black"  livery. (without mentioning the maker)

As they are always broke down;  Oil coolers always fail, coolant fans drop off, hydraulics go wrong.... to name the main faults, plus they are over complicated and lousy to work on.

The parts are also too expensive, and the manufacturer has the monopoly on parts and service!

Yes I know they are modern;....... the good thing with old machinery, was it was simple, robust and easy to fix, and mostly, with a few exceptions, not "Badge Engineered."

Clive1997 Thu, 15/09/2016

Interesting discussion, I overcame this problem in my horticultural business by employing a young lady 30 years my younger, only fuel required tea & cake.

But on a serious note, I do come across many weird & wonderful horticultural machines & will keep a look out for you.

Atcough Thu, 15/09/2016

Thank you all for your comments! Now I know what not to buy, and that a young lady could be the answer! Smuggling another old piece of oily machinery onto the premises is a challenge enough, never mind a female assistant..... Thanks, if anyone finds a power barrow with wheels I'd like to know.