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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Annual Meeting Milton Keynes 2018

Hi. Just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed my first annual meeting event today. Great to put faces to the names, and to chat with fellow enthusiasts. Loved the machinery on display, great to see them brought back to life. See you next year!! Thanks for a most enjoyable day.Regards. Rob  

Lee Smallwood Sun, 20/05/2018

Like you RR, it was my first rally weekend, I arrived with two mowers, one to show, one to sell, sold it and came home with 8. Thanks to Clive for a very warm welcome and leaving me with a very empty wallet, but the advice was very much appreciated, great freindly bunch of mower nuts and the beautifully presented pieces. Shame I couldn't stay until the end,  auction was brilliant. Will definitely be back next year. 

Clive1997 Mon, 21/05/2018

Hi Guys

It was a real pleasure to meet you all & refreshing to welcome new members & indeed younger ones (under 50 I mean!). The AGM is always a great weekend, fantastic machines & great people who have a common interest. We like nothing better than giving advice, listening to others views and passing on the odd mower here & there.

Please keep in touch during the build up to 2019, which starts now!!



arnk Sat, 26/05/2018

Yes a good day and thanks for the tea Clive.

One man went to mow

Hmm what ratio of tea to beer to run this one?

See you next year



Lee Smallwood Wed, 06/06/2018

Was the Andrew Grout plate awarded this year, if it was what was the result please.