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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Astor Shears

Following on from the thread about the Montamower I thought I'd offer up these. They're almost as useful as the Montamower but not quite. The Astor Grass Clipper was made by Flexa ( latterly Wilkinson Sword) in the 1950's. I wanted to find out why they were called Astor and the only reference I can find is that they were originally marketed by John Hansen, Astor House, Aldwych, London.These are a reciprocating-knife lawn edger. I found them hard to use and a painfully slow way to cut edges and bank grass. The handles are unbelievably short and for someone like me you end up with a dowagers stoop using them. In fairness the Wilkinson Sword Flexa mowers are quite good. I'm pleased to own the clippers as they are a real  peculiarity.

Lee Smallwood Tue, 27/04/2021

No matter what you post pictures of, I'm probably not the only one who gets a little monster with green eyes, that's a nice mower, that's interesting and obviously I want one of those, comments I probably share with others but low and behold, and astor is posted, I cheer, haha, I have one of those too, and then I look at the photo, no I don't. I have one of these


Keep the threads coming Sean, wonderful collection. More more more, what's the strangest thing you have? 

Messorestore Tue, 27/04/2021

Thanks for your comments. I'm currently in discussion with a guy in the USA for a very strange mower. I'm trying to find a reasonable and cost effective way of shipping at the moment ( they don't understand that I'm not looking to buy the ship lol ) I'll post it on here if it comes off. Sean

Lee Smallwood Wed, 28/04/2021

I'm seemingly in the same boat with a US mower, but 380 quid including shipping,  I cannot stretch to that without Faye extracting a body part from me. I'll just admire it from a distance. Shepton flea market coming up soon and that usually produces something a little different,