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Atco 2stroke kick start

Hi all

Just picked up my next refurb project. An old Atco 2 stroke kick start. Can anyone tell me please the mixture for two stroke and should I also use a fuel treatment to protect the valves from unleaded fuel damage. Also I would like to get my hands on a manual and parts list if anybody knows please.

Thanks all

wristpin Sat, 01/09/2018

Probably 16:1 . Wouldn’t worry about the valves , they are unlikely to suffer.


wristpin Sat, 01/09/2018

I'll say it before anyone else does - what valves?

Sorry guys, just my warped sense of humor!

hortimech Sat, 01/09/2018

Oh, come on, don't be cryptic, just tell the guy that two stroke engines do not normally have valves and when they do, they will be rotary or reed valves and will not be affected by lead free petrol. It should probably also be mentioned that synthetic two stroke oil shouldn't be used.


hillsider Sat, 01/09/2018

Fair point hortimech re my comment, as you rightly say Atco two strokes don't have any valves to worry about plus you are correct in pointing out that modern two stroke oils should be avoided. I am more used to machines that run at 50:1 fuel oil mix so do correct me if I am wrong, the oil to use for the Atco needs to be a very basic non detergent SAE30 oil commonly used in vintage engines.




Man cave Sun, 02/09/2018

Totally blind in the fact these engines don't have valves, so thanks all. So apart from the sae30, is there an oil out there specially formulated for these vintage machines.?

wristpin Sun, 02/09/2018

Oil, Yes, both Millers and Morris Lubricants do a vintage two stroke mixing oil.

Triumph66 Sun, 02/09/2018

There is a niche market of formulated oil for classic cars from the like of Castrol and Morris. 

Man cave Sun, 02/09/2018

I've been unable to find a manual for this model. I've had success with Suffolk machines I've done and an atco 20inch but no luck with is one and I really want to get it right. Any ideas please?

Man cave Mon, 03/09/2018

Hi yes

It says 1755, so I assume it's a 17inch made in 1955

Man cave Mon, 03/09/2018


gtc Mon, 03/09/2018

It says 1755, so I assume it's a 17inch made in 1955

Actually it says 1755/6 which means 17 inch 1955/56.

wristpin Mon, 03/09/2018

Sorry first upload failed. Here's a pic. It has a 6 at the end also.

Quite a lot of Atcos did show the width of cut and the year but your  additional 6 has bucked that system. Maybe an Atco expert has the answer.

Ive had a look through my collection of old manuals and Parts books but there’s nothing for a 17” two stroke. It will assist identification if you will post a few images.

Edit. My post crossed with the one from GTC. So there you have the answer.

Man cave Tue, 04/09/2018

Thats great guys. Thank you all very much.The manual will be a great help. As a newbie I was probably looking in wrong place. Can I download the manual even if I have to purchase before download.

I hope the refurb will go as well as the Atco I recently finished and is now been used by a local cricket club.