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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Atco B14

Hello All

A question for you guys who have greater knowledge on newer mowers., I mean those only around 40yrs old not 140 (as I prefer).

Anyway, I have been asked to date an Atco B14, image attached, I have Atco brochures for 1974/76 where the ATCO logo was in Yellow and did not have the lines above & below.

I assume the mower pictured is a later version, when did the branding change (ie ATCO in red with lines) & can anyone put a date on it, and also will there be any ID numbers etc on the mower?



wristpin Sun, 28/06/2015

If that's original paint it's survived well. With that engine, the earliest  it can be is 1979 if it has an air vane governor and Zenith carb. If it has a mechanical governor and Dellorto carb it will be post 1984