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Atco b14 commodore throttle cable

Hello. I am after a throttle cable for my Atco b14 commodore, part number L22777. I can see one on flea bay but it is priced at £25. A bit steep!  I can see quite a few from various overseas but the postage makes them prohibitive.  I have written to Jonathan Cruse but have yet to receive a reply - normally he is very good at response but these are strange times. Can I use an alternative cable that has the same roundel at the end that fits the throttle body? And is more reasonable. Many thanks in advance.  Suzanne

wristpin Mon, 04/05/2020

Two trade sites show it as obsolete with a "last" price of £16.64 +vat.  


Central Spares are showing stock under their number of 26771 but I think that you will need to find a dealer with a trade account with them.

PM sent 

Glenn Thompson Tue, 12/05/2020

Hi Suzanne,

Firstly I am very pleased to be a new member of the club, and for this to be my first attempt at a forum post. Regarding the replacement throttle cable, a very good source of Bowden cable (inner and outer) is Halfords cycle department. Ask for brake cable or gear cable which is lighter and more suitable for the throttle. The wire comes with two nipples and you just cut off the unnecessary one.  Cut the wire to the length of the original pattern. If you are unable to soft solder the original nipple you can use a screw type solderless nipple or failing that you can tie a knot. I’ve attached a photo of the packet. I think it cost me about £4.

I hope this is useful to you and if I can help further just let me know.




Glenn Thompson Tue, 12/05/2020

Sorry I couldn’t get the photo to attach to the last post, here is the accompanying photo


suzanne shaw Wed, 13/05/2020


Very kind of you to post an alternative but Angus has sourced a cable for me at a very reasonable cost.  Where I live the Halfords closed down permanently a few months ago which was very inconsiderate of them! I may have followed the idea of making my own as I can solder but it is academic now. Thanks again.